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PITW Apparel on sale now!

A little background: I've been given the opportunity to create a design to commemorate my Grandpa Don, or Papa Don as many of us called him when we were little. I am humbled, honored, and truthfully a little emotional to be asked to do this! I know Grandpa probably would have called me a little a$$hole and just get it done already, but I'm honored none-the-less. I'm sure we all could share (and have shared!) countless stories of this great man, dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, and cousin. This year marks year 10 - Ten years since we've been celebrating Grandpa's life as a FAMILY, which he taught us the importance of that. I cannot express enough how much that means, especially in this day and age, how many of us are able to get together, catch up, and keep creating memories year after year. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of it! Now buy some damn clothes and raise a Busch Lite for Donald! #familyfirst #PITW2020

UPDATE: Please email Jen (here) for details if you are interested in purchasing any of the below items

Now the technical boring stuff: 

  • Make sure to enter a valid email address upon checkout that you check often. This will be how you'll be notified about your order (details, questions, concerns, completion, pick up details etc.) Emails will come from JARPdesign, (""), so add to your contacts list or check your junk folder. If you have questions on your order, please reach out to Jen at JARPdesign (click here). All sales are final.

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