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Here Is Kaine, A spectacular 4 year old. He’s a typical kid in this day and age. Likes playing outside but prefers technology. He’s so goofy at times and frustrating (most parents understand that). Recently Kaine was feeling ill and his mother took him to the ER, after being there all night with a fever they didn’t find anything so they gave him ibuprofen and sent him and his mother home. Well the next day Kaine still wasn’t his normal cheery self so she decided to go back. This is where I was made aware that my son had been in the hospital. As a father and someone who has made a career out of teacher and working with young kids I understand kids get sick all the time, but I knew this was different. I could hear it in his mother's voice. About 1 hour after I arrived to be with my boy I learned that he was going to be transferred to the Children’s hospital in Milwaukee. Now we knew there was a chance that he could have leukemia but they wanted to do more tests. But when the doctors walked in with the results, I just looked at Kaine because you could see it in their face that they were delivering bad news. It was devastating to say the least. My 3 year old son was diagnosed with B Cell Leukemia. It was the hardest thing to tell my family and friends. Even harder to tell to his siblings. I believe that Kaine will be brave and power through this. I just ask for help to make sure his journey through this battle is as comfortable as possible.

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