Dawson Chiari Malformation Awareness

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Trevor and Taylor’s son Dawson was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation 1.5 back in March of this year, they had a huge decision to make on whether or not they should proceed with brain surgery for little Dawson.

Chiari can affect many parts of the body and head. Dawson’s diagnosis was affecting his every day way of life. He would complain about headaches constantly, at least three times a day, his arms and legs would hurt, his belly would hurt, his whole body would be tingly, was out of breath when playing and just being a kid and constantly in pain. He would wake up at night screaming and crying because the pain was so bad. Something had to be done as Chiari will be something he has to live with daily for the rest of his life.

As a parent you never want to have to decide if your child will need surgery or not or if you are making the right choice, but you also can’t watch your child suffer with everyday life. Trevor and Taylor finally decided to go ahead with the surgery for Dawson hoping for some relief and positive outcome. When the surgeon went in for surgery little Dawson’s tonsils popped out of his head and were completely white, this meant there was no blood flow to them and they were completely compressed very far down. He also had a 16mm herniation that went down to the c2 of his spine. He has a 50% chance of getting better, the odds aren’t great but worth it if it helps Dawson at all in the future. Unfortunately, they will not know for a few months whether the surgery has helped or not. 

When Trevor and Taylor finally got Dawson home and somewhat settled into daily life after having a major surgery they found out Dawson’s new puppy was sick, very sick. Bailey is only six months old and they are not sure yet what is wrong but they are testing for liver failure, and a possible tumor in his belly. They were also notified just today that it could possibly be cancer as well and are also looking into that. Bailey is being hospitalized for 3 days and at least and they will hopefully get him back on Friday with a diagnosis. Bailey did end up passing away :(

Obviously with everything going on they have hit a tremendous hardship right now. Vet bills are super expensive especially the

emergency vet and they could really use our help right now as it is putting a huge toll on their family. Trevor is still working his butt off to support the family between hospital trips and doctors visits but unfortunately Taylor had to make the choice to quit one of her jobs as Dawson needs her so this put them in the position of how to make ends meet right now. Also, let’s not forget that Dawson isn’t their only child they have a family of 5 to support on top of everything else, my heart breaks for them and the mother in me just wants to fix everything for them.

I can’t tell you how amazing this family is and how inspirational they are. They would never tell you they are struggling or need help and you would never even be able to tell, they would even help you out when they they are struggling themselves. 

Please if you can help this amazing family out I beg you as every dollar counts and every share helps as well, they really need us right now so let’s help them as much as we can, because when it comes to your family you have no another choice!